I am available on a limited basis for growth marketing and eCommerce/DTC operations consulting. Below are the options that I offer currently.

One-Time Phone Call Consultation (60 Minutes)

If you need a trustworthy person to get your burning questions answered or help attacking a specific problem related to growing your eComm business, I'm you're guy.

All I require from you is that you come prepared with questions and areas you'll want to focus on so I can deliver as much value as possible.

You can schedule a call with me via Clarity.

Growth Marketing Jumpstart Consultation (1 Day)

If you are looking to jumpstart your growth marketing efforts and aren't sure where to start, hire me.

For the jumpstart consultation, I'll conduct an audit that covers the following:

#1 Complete understanding of how your growing your biz today

  • Audit of current acquisition strategy
  • Audit of customer profiling demographics

#2 Identify new channels and opportunities for acquiring customers

  • Audit of competitor acquisition strategy
  • Thorough acquisition opportunity analysis based on customer profiles

#3 Provide resources and strategies to jumpstart customer acquisition in new channels

  • Experiment framework + idea backlog to help jumpstart your acquisition efforts
  • Recommended agency list for channels we identify
  • Recommended tools and software stack
  • 1-hour phone call with live screen share to go over your personalized recommendations
  • Document exchange of all notes, spreadsheets, resources, and recommendations mentioned

Ongoing Consulting (60 Minutes Per Week)

This is the "VP of Marketing" as-a-service option. We'll setup weekly meetings to touch base on any pressing areas of your business. I'll provide strategic guidance + action steps on the following:

  • customer acquisition
  • retention
  • hiring
  • eComm operations
  • branding
  • customer support

You'll also have the benefit of direct access to my eCommerce growth toolkit and recommended agencies list.

If interested, just drop an email here.