Jack Meredith

Howdy, I'm Jack.

I head marketing over at Kettle & Fire, a CPG brand. This site is home to my thoughts on anything that's bouncing around in my head. Topics include marketing (go figure), eCommerce, consumer psychology, and business.

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How to Level Up With Mindshare Calls

How to Level Up With Mindshare Calls

The #1 value add for me now is through mindshare calls. In this post, I'll lay out a framework for getting the most out of these calls based on the hundreds of convos I've had over the years.

Customer Loyalty in CPG - Fantasy Vs Reality

For the most part, customer loyalty is a farce for consumer packaged goods. The concept is overvalued within marketing teams. And too many resources get sucked up into something that is largely out of the brand's control. Photo…